Live From Monaco GT SERIES

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought the entire world to a standstill, including the world of competitive motorsports. Pro race drivers are stuck at home practicing on simulators while broadcasters standby idly with nothing to commentate on. As part of the #Play4Good initiative, the Monaco eSports Federation, along with the Monaco eSports club announces the Live from Monaco GT Series, a live event of an eSports race for the quarantine era.

The MeSF invited 12 professional race drivers to compete in the digital racing arena. From the adrenaline-pumping world of F1 racing to limit-pushing roads of 24h du Mans, our participants come from different walks of the racing life; and they’re itching to get behind a wheel.

We count Andrea PIZZITOLA, Antoine JUNG, Paul Loup CHATIN, Fabrice PANTINI, Michel DISDIER, Arthur LECLERC, Charles LECLERC, Cedric SBIRAZZUOLI, Maro Engel, Loic DUVAL and David PEREL with a potential surprise super-star.

To comment on the whole event, we’ve also assembled a team of broadcasters to turn up the energy and bring life to the show.


Thanks to a number of high profile partners, including PlayStation, Playseat, ThrustMaster, our competitors will be equipped with state-of-the-art gaming and broadcasting setups. The action will all be broadcasted to deliver the ultimate eSports racing spectator experience. As the rest of the #Play4Good initiatives, a part of the profits made by the event will be donated to the Princess Grace Hospital of Monaco to fight COVID-19.


There will be lots to look forward to aside from the main event. There will be a pre-practice debrief before racers are given a shot at the course to build their familiarity. Once the debrief is over and drivers have had their time on the track, we’ll kick off a pre-race debrief. After that, it’s “start your engines” because the race is about to begin.


This stage isn’t just for the pros to shine bright on. After the Live From Monaco GT Series, there should be an announcement for all sim racers around the world to register and qualify online to earn a spot to race against the pros and have a chance to receive prizes. This is an iracing event after all so anyone can take on the challenge and prove their mettle.


Aside from the main festivities, each race will be sandwiched between awesome pre-race and post-race shows with special guest stars. All broadcasted live on your favorite live streaming platforms, Twitch and YouTube. All will culminate on a Grand eSports racing day on May 23th at 6:30 PM local time with over 1 hour of simulated motorsports action that can be watched on MeSF official channel:,  Youtube: Monaco eSports Federation

COVID-19 may have frozen things in place, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the thrill of a heart-thumping car race. The Live From Monaco GT Series event will be a celebration for ending the lockdown and congratulate once again everybody who supported the fight against the virus.

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